understanding client's history, motivations, objectives and priorities.

How We Work

The distinguishing factor of Brenowen’s approach is the level of importance we place on understanding each and every client’s history, motivations, objectives and priorities.

Through greater insight we are able to effectively:

  • Develop and evaluate strategic financial alternatives and opportunities
  • Apply established approaches and processes tailored for specific aspects of each transaction
  • Undertake extensive financial modelling to support decisions
  • Devise and recommend optimal structures
  • Prepare effective and efficient transaction/project plan
  • Help select, negotiate with and engage specialist advisers such as lawyers and accountants
  • Manage the transaction process ensuring effective and reliable communication
  • Coordinate and take responsibility for commercial due diligence where necessary
  • Identify and mitigate risk
  • Make sure legal & regulatory approvals are obtained, either directly or via specialist advisers
  • Ensure exemplary execution to the highest standards.